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Payment Method

Clik International has been verified and approved by PayPal.

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About Clik International:
To protect your security, PayPal offers information on the status of this member.
Seller Reputation: (165) Verified Buyers*
Account Status: Verified
Account Type: CA Business
Account Creation Date: Feb. 23, 2005

Business URL: http://www.clikinternational.com
Cust. Service Email: info@clikinternational.com
Seller Reputation
The Seller Reputation Number measures how many Verified PayPal members have paid that seller. New transactions are added 30 days after they occur, to ensure that the Reputation Number reflects successful exchanges.

Account Status
U.S. Users are considered "Verified" if they have confirmed the bank account they have added to their PayPal account. Verification is a positive signal to the Community that a user has complied with Community security measures.

Account Type
Accounts can be Personal, Premier, or Business. Active sellers are required to have a Premier or Business account.
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*Last time the Seller Reputation Number was updated on January 1st, 2008.

How to pay with a PayPal account.

When you click "Submit Order" on my website, it transfers to the PayPal website to make a secure payment. If you have already an account, you can login to your PayPal account and complete the payment:

Payment with PayPal account

How to pay with a credit card.

You don't have to have a PayPal account nor to register with PayPal to make a payment:

Complete the form to make a payment with your credit card

Payment with Credit Card